Pre School

Galaxy Pre-School has been conceived and planned in the form of a play school, for children of age 3+ and 4+ years keeping in mind the need for small children to interact with their environment. At this age children have a lot of curiosity and tend to explore their immediate environment. Here, it is our endeavour to use play techniques to facilitate learning. Play comes naturally to children and is of interest to them.

The playway method is a medium of imparting knowledge. Through play, learning is natural, spontaneous and fast. Children get an opportunity to indulge in enjoyable activities based on the needs and competence of this age group.

At the begining of an academic session, the school allows parents to take their children home before the school formally gets over. This is allowed only during the first month of a new session. We request parents to encourage their children to have the lunch provided by the school at a nominal charge. We have found this to be very useful for small children who spend a long time in school.

Location of the Pre-School

The pre-school is a part of the primary section. However, it is managed separately by specially trained Teachers.