Admission Procedure 2075




Step i  : registration

step ii : admission tests

step iii : important information


step i – important information on registration

  1. The duly filled registration form along with the admit card must be submitted to the school office at least two days before taking the Admission Tests.
  2. The signed and stamped admit card should be collected from the school office on the same day.
  3. Registration Fee for each student is Rs. /-. This includes the fee for entrance tests and registration form and the admit card.
  4. The Entrance Tests are aimed at making an assessment of a child’s aptitude on the basis of which, teaching activities can be modified by the teachers concerned, should the child be selected.
  5. Parents/Guardians of students seeking admission to class Nursery do not need to appear for admission tests. They can directly fill up the admission form and get their children admitted w.e.f. 1 Chaitra 2074.
  6. Admission Tests will be conducted on 10, 17 Chaitra and 24 Chaitra 2074. Candidates may take tests on any of these days.
  7. The timing for the admission tests: 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  8. Mode of selection:
  9. Parents/Guardians seeking admission to Nursery and Kindergarten may visit the classrooms on 1 Chaitra 2074 between 11:45am to 1:00pm.
  10. There will be a written test and an interview for classes LKG to 6.

iii.   Written tests will be taken on English, Nepali and Mathematics.

  1. Questions will be based on the level of the class in which the child is presently studying.


Important information along with School rules and regulations is given in detail in the School Prospectus and admission procedure.

 For further details, please contact the Admission Office.

step ii  necessary information on admission tests

 The candidates should report at the school reception at least fifteen minutes before the tests begin.

  1. Students coming for the admission test should bring the following with them:
  2. Admit Card
  3. Stationery (pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, instrument box, ruler, colours etc.) for Classes 1 to 6 only.

iii.   Water and tiffin (optional)

  1. a. Parents/Guardians of children seeking admission to Lower KG & Upper KG are expected to accompany their children. The children should not be left unattended.
  2. Parents/Guardians of children seeking admission to classes one to three are expected to wait near the reception till their children finish their test and interview. They are not allowed to accompany their wards into the exam centre. However, concessions will be made in exceptional cases.
  3. Parents/Guardians of children seeking admission to classes (4 to 6) are expected to collect their wards at 1:00pm from the reception.
  4. The results of the admission tests will be put up on the school notice board one day after the day of Admission Tests at 11:00 a.m.
  5. The admission procedure begins on the day the result of the Admission Tests is published. Admission formalities must be completed within a week of the publication of the result.


step iii  admission

 Short listed candidates must complete admission formalities within a week.

  1. Fees & other charges for 2075 B.S. (Day-scholars)
  2. Admission Fee & other : Rs. /–

(This is paid only once during a student’s association with the school and is paid at the time of Admission only).

  1. Monthly Fees include tuition fee and bus fee (optional) which are charged for 12 months.
  2. i) Bus Fee                   : /- (optional)
  3. ii) Tuition Fee & Others
Nursery – Upper KG 1 – 5 6 – 8 9-12
  1. Annual Fees are paid once a year for the following facilities & services provided by the school.

Library, Science lab, games, first-aid & maintenance.


Nursery – Upper KG 1 – 5 6 – 8 9 – 12
  1. The following fees are also paid once a year for the following services provided by the school.

Examination(internal), Computer applications, excursion, field trip, community service, Inter house, Inter school competitions, curriculum support, publication and education materials.

Nursery – Upper KG 1 – 5 6 – 8 9 – 12
  1. Students of classes (Nursery – 3) are charged Rs. /- per month for ten months in a year for lunch and tiffin provided to them at school. Students of classes 4 & 5 are charged Rs. /- per month for ten months in a year for lunch and tiffin provided to them at school.
  2. All charges / fees are subjected to charge whenever necessary.
  3. Fees & Other charges for 2075 B.S. (Residential students)
  4. Admission Fee & others : Rs. /-
  5. Tuition fee is charged for 12 months:
Nursery – Upper KG 1 – 5 6 – 8 9-12
  1. Annual Fees are paid once a year for the following facilities & services provided by the school.

Library, Science lab, games, first-aid & maintenance.


Nursery – Upper KG 1 – 5 6 – 8 9 – 12


  1. Hostel fees include lodging, food and morning & evening study classes. These are charged for twelve months:


N-U 1 – 5 6 – 8 9 – 12


  1. Annual Charges are Rs. /– which include:

Stationery (Nursery – Upper KG)                          Exercise Books

Examination (internal)                                        Co-curricular Activities

Computer applications                                        Inter-house and Inter-school competitions

Toiletries (One – Three)                                      Bedding Maintenance (One – Six)


  1. The school implements the following activities for all round development of students:
  2. Conduct various Sports activities
  3. Organize Educational Tours/Excursions/Field trips at National, International and Inter-school level
  4. Organize Community Service Programs
  5. Organize Theatrical activities
  6. Organize Club activities
  7. Promote the use of e-library
  8. Publish school newsletters
  9. Organize Annual Sports Day Program
  10. Organize Parents’ Day Program
  11. Organize Science Exhibition
  12. Organize Education Fair
  13. Celebrate important days and festivals
  14. Conduct training programs for students, trainers, teaching and non-teaching staff
  15. Conduct activities to enhance the innate creativity of students
  16. Conduct classes on Life Skills
  17. Upgrade of the School Security System and the School Information Center
  18. Maintain cleanliness of the school premises and add greenery to the school environment
  19. Strengthen human resources
  20. Provide pure drinking water
  21. Provide electricity with the help of generators and solar panels
  22. Promote the use of latest communication technology in school
  23. Establish Departments for various disciplines
  24. Provide counselling services to students and members of the staff
  25. Distribute awards and prizes
  26. Arrange extra classes for students
  27. Conduct special classes on vocational subjects
  28. Organize Interaction Programs/Workshops/Seminars on various subjects/issues
  29. Construction of earthquake resistant classrooms
  30. Conduct Awareness Programs on Safety Measures during and after an Earthquake. This would include Earthquake Drill and knowledge of First Aid etc.
  31. Conduct Literacy programme for parents/guardians
  32. Introduce multi-media system in classroom teaching.
  33. Conduct three dimension animation classes for junior.
  34. Arrange model making classes
  35. Arrange parents teachers interaction programme.
  36. Bring positive changes through case study.
  37. Screen documentary for students.
  38. Make the students do various projects.


  1. As we give equal importance to academics, extra and co-curricular activities, we are constantly trying to upgrade our infra-structure. Our cricket pitch which meets international standards is ready. A new table tennis hall is in operation. In addition to that a futsal ground is constructed.
  2. Teaching and learning process is the heart of education. It is the most powerful instrument of education to bring about desired changes in the students. Trainers have been hired to train and monitor their classes on the regular basis. Regular trainings have been imparted to the school teachers this year. The main objective of this training is to make the teacher, the curriculum and other variables child friendly.
  3. The School was established in 1986 with a sole purpose of providing education.

The school policy, academic planning and teaching-learning techniques are unique.

The school provides help and access to students to excel in life through concrete steps.







science & technology

nature & resource


sports & game




  1. Projects are a detailed study of the subject through research, observation, activities and field visits.

Students are assigned projects for a detailed study and to prepare a report on the given project. They have to follow different steps to prepare the project.

  1. Students should collect information.
  2. They should go for field visits for observation.
  3. During field visits pictures, materials and information should be collected.
  4. Final report should be prepared using collected materials etc.
  5. It should be presented alongwith graphical representation, diagram of the facts and figures to support the project.
  6. Sources and references should be mentioned.

Project work are necessary as students will acquire the ability to make links across different areas of knowledge and to generate, develop and evaluate ideas and information so as to apply these skills in their life.

  1. School has collaborated with Karkhana to carry out Model Making activities at the school.


  1. The school focuses more in the Information Technology. This enable parents keep in touch with school’s plan. Please check:


Facebook Page:


 important information

  1. The school timings are: 8:30am – 3:45pm
  2. The classes will begin from 5 Baisakh 2075 (18 April, 2018).


  1. i. All residential students must report to school by 4 Baisakh, 2075 (17 April, 2018).
  2. They must report to school on the day they are supposed to and report to their respective hostels. Otherwise the school staff face a lot of problems. Students are also unnecessarily harassed. If students report on a working day, the hostel staff might not be able to attend to them because they might have other duties to attend to. Both the staff as well as the students are inconvenienced.


  1. i. Books prescribed by the school may be bought from any book store in Nepal. For the convenience of students, the school may make special arrangement to provide books to those students, if they place an order and pay for the books in advance. Book Lists will be provided to the parents on the following days according to the following schedule. Orders for books and the necessary payment should be made on the days mentioned below.
Class           Date        Day             Time
N – 4 28 – 12 – 2074 Wednesday 9:00am – 4:00p.m.
5- 7 29 – 12 – 2074 Thursday 9:00am – 4:00p.m.
8 – 10 02 – 01 – 2075 Sunday 9:00am – 4:00p.m.
Boarders 04 – 01 – 2075 Tuesday 9:00am – 4:00p.m.

Lunch break – 12:00 noon-12:30 p.m.

  1. Annual & monthly charges (old students) to be paid on the same day.

iii.      Students of classes Nursery need to bring their books to school after 9 Baisakh 2075.

  1. The students of classes Nursery to UKG must deposit the books to their class teachers. These books will be kept in the classrooms throughout the year. This is to reduce student’s burden of carrying many books to school. The books will, however, be returned at the end of the year.
  2. Students of classes (1-12) must bring their books to school according to the time tables provided to them in their classes.
  3. i. Exercise books (copies) are provided to students by the school.
  4. All stationery items required by the students of classes Nursery to UKG are provided by the school.

iii.      All text and exercise books must be covered with brown paper. They should be labelled providing essential information about a student.

  1. Pages should not be torn from the exercise books issued to students. A heavy fine is imposed on students who tear pages from exercise books. Loss of exercise books invites a similar fine.
  2. The students of classes (6 – 12) must maintain their own files in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Social Studies & H.P.E. The files have to be brought by the students themselves.
  3. The students of classes (9 – 12) must maintain their own register in mathematics, Opt. Maths and social studies. The registers have to be provided by themselves.

vii.     The students of classes (1 – 12) will bring their own pencil colours and water colours for drawing and colouring.

viii.    Please sign your child’s diary every day. This will make your child do his/her work regularly. Please ask your child to follow the rules mentioned in the school diary and in the school prospectus.

  1. For their badminton and table tennis classes, students must bring their own racquet and bat.
  2. For flute class, students must bring their own flute.


  1. School uniforms can be bought from the outlet situated on the ground floor of the GEF building.

School Uniform

*         Skirts for girls                                                                (N – 5)

*         Grey trousers for girls                                                    (6 – 12)

*         Grey trousers for boys                                                    (N – 12)

*         Sky blue shirt: Full sleeves or half sleeves depending on the season.

*         Sky blue ribbons for girls

*         Grey pullover (V-neck with school monogram) full sleeves or sleeveless depending on the season.

*         Grey socks

*         Grey stockings for girls in winter only.                           (N – 5)

*         Navy blue coat with school monogram                           (7 – 12)

*         Navy blue jackets with school monogram                       (N- 12)

*         School belt & tie

*         Grey scarf, cap & gloves in winter only

*         Black leather shoes

*         School track suit, school shorts, House T-shirt, white canvas shoes and white socks for gymnastics and sports classes           (N – 12)


Kit list for residential students (Old clothes will not be accepted)

*         Skirt for girls                                                                 (N – 5)        4 nos.

*         Grey trousers for girls                                                    (7 – 12)       4 nos.

*         Grey trousers for boys                                                    (N – 12)      4 nos.

*         Sky blue shirt: Half sleeves                                             (N – 12)      6 nos.

*         Sky blue ribbons for girls                                                                 6 meters

*         Grey pullover (V-neck with school manogram) Full sleeves               2 nos.

*         Grey pullover (V-neck with school manogram) sleeveless                 2 nos.

*         Grey Socks                                                                                      6 pairs

*         Grey stockings for girls in winter only                             (N – 5)        2 nos.

*         Navy blue coat with school monogram                           (7-12)         1 nos.

*         Navy blue jackets                                                          (N – 12)      2 nos.

*         School belt & tie                                                                             2 nos.

*         Grey scarf, cap and gloves in winter only                                         1 nos.

*         Black leather shoes                                                                         2 pairs

*         School Tracksuit, school shorts (half pant), House T-shirt and white canvas shoes and white socks for gymnastics and sports classes. (N – 12)                                                                                2 nos.

*         Water bottle                                                                                    1 no.

*         Rain coat / umbrella                                                                       1 no.

*         Handkerchief                                                                                   6 nos.

*         White chemise for girls                                                  (N – 5)        6 nos.

White vests for girls                                                       (6 – 12)       6 nos.

White vests for boys                                                       (6 – 12)       6 nos.

*         Underwear for boys                                                        (N – 12)      6 nos.

Underwear for girls                                                        (6 – 12)       6 nos.

Bloomers for girls                                                           (N – 5)        6 nos

*         Wrist watch (Optional)                                                   (4 – 12)       1 no.


          Sports and Games: Classes

*         Hostel track suit                                                            (N – 12)      3 pairs

*         Hostel T-shirt                                                                 (N – 12)      5 pairs


Bedding: Classes (1 – 12)

*         Mattress (2½ ft. x 5½ ft.)                                               (7 – 12)       1 no.

*         Quilt                                                                                                1 no.

*         Quilt cover                                                                                      2 nos.

*         Pillow                                                                                              1 no.

*         Pillow cover                                                                                     2 nos.

*         Mosquito net                                                                                    1 no.

*         Bed sheet (any colour/design)                                                         3 nos.

*         Blanket                                                                                           1 no.

Other Items

*         Blue jeans                                                                                        1 pc.

*         T-shirt                                                                                             1 pc.

*         Sweater (thick)                                                                                2 pc.

*         Sports shoes                                                                                     2 pc.

*         Night suit                                                                                         2 pc.

*         Towel (big) – Bath                                                                            2 nos.

*         Towel (small) – Face                                                                        2 no.

*         Slippers                                                                                           1 pair

*         Steel Trunk with lock & key                                                             1 no.

*         Jacket                                                                                     1pc.

*         Badminton racquet                                                                  1pc.

*         Table tennis bat                                                                      1pc.

The following items must be provided regularly by the parents/guardians to the students

  1. Shoe laces, polish (white & black) shoe brush, plastic comb, wooden comb, tooth brush, soap (washing & bathing), hair oil, cold cream, nailcutter, glycerine, tooth-paste, scrubber,  sanitary towels (for girls), shampoo, talcum powder, shuttle cork and ping pong ball.
  2. Classes (1-12) are provided exercise books only. Other stationery items have to be provided regularly by the parents.

Note:  On the sports day, students are required to wear white canvas shoes, white socks, white short/track, house T-Shirt.


  1. a) The school canteen serves lunch to students on request. Students are charged extra for this facility.
Class a}zfv Ho]i7 cfiff9 >fj0f ebf} c;f]h sflt{s dª\l;/ kf}if df3 kmfNu’g r}q TOTAL
6 – 8  
9 – 12  

Besides lunch, snacks and soft drinks of various kinds are also available at the canteen.

  1. b) It is mandatory for students of classes Nursery – 5 to take their lunch and tiffin at school.
  2. If a parent/guardian wants to withdraw his/her child from school hostel or discontinue the school transport in the middle of an academic session he/she must either pay the relevant fee for the whole academic session or pay 2 month’s fees in addition to the fees for the period his/her ward has used the services provided by the school. The school strongly discourages parents/guardians from withdrawing their wards from a service provided by the school after the session has started. This is because the school calculates all its expenses on the basis of the total number of students using a particular service. When students are withdrawn from any service, the overhead costs remain the same. The school, therefore, incurs losses. Fees are calculated on the basis of the expenses on a service for the entire year. The expenses are then divided among students. The expenses on a service per student for the whole year is divided into 12 installments. If a student wants to discontinue a service, the school is unable to cover the expenses for the rest of the session. We, therefore, urge you to keep the school’s compulsions in mind while opting for any service. Every academic session is a package of 240 days.
  3. Parents of children studying in Nursery are requested to provide their children with an extra pair of underpants and trousers.
  4. Water bottles, tiffin boxes, school bags must be labelled.
  5. Please provide your child with healthy, nutritious tiffin and safe drinking water. They can, however, have lunch at the school mess. In order to have lunch at the school mess, the school must be informed in advance. An additional charge must be paid before availing this facility.
  6. Students of all classes, especially classes Nursery to 6 must develop good toilet habits. They should go to the toilets before coming to school.
  7. i. If the normal functioning of the school is hampered by bandhs, demonstrations and strikes, we expect you to understand our difficulties and co-operate with us. Whatever the school does, is in the interest of all its students.
  8. Don’t send your child to school if he/she is suffering from any infectious disease. This is to prevent the disease from spreading among other students. You must, however, inform the school about your child’s absence.
  9. The school publishes a newsletter at regular intervals. Students are encouraged to submit their articles, poems etc to the concerned Head Teachers.
  10. The school offers coaching classes on request to students of classes 1-9. The classes are held from 4:00p.m. to 7:15 p.m. on all working days. The fee for these classes is Rs. 5000/- per student. The school provides tiffin to students who opt for these classes.
  11. i. Students of classes 1 to 12 will have to take six examinations in a year.
  12. If you find any mistakes in the correction made by teachers, please inform the Vice-Principal or the Principal. Please do the same if you discover that the syllabus in any subject has not been covered within a specified date.

iii.    You are requested to contact the concerned Head Teacher immediately, if you face any problems regarding your child’s studies.

  1. For further information, please follow our sites


Facebook: http// page

  1. Please download our School App which has the logo of school. Parents are requested to take username and password from the concerned class teachers to log in.
  2. Plantation is one of the school activities that help students to understand the process of growing vegetables and fruits. In today’s world children are moving farther away from nature. As such they are familiar only with the end products and are ignorant about how they are grown or where they come from. Plantation will help them to understand such things to a great extent.

For plantation, parents are requested to help their wards to sow the seeds of any one plant in their kitchen garden from the list provided. This kitchen garden may vary from a small plot of land in a corner to thermacol boxes. Once the saplings appear, some of them should be planted in a plastic cup and students must bring it to school. They should be following the growth of remaining saplings at home. This will help them to get firsthand knowledge of the different stages of the plant and understand how every part of the plant is useful to us.


  1. i. The school has a fleet of 16 buses and 2 vans which cover the entire valley. This service is optional. Students are charged extra for this facility. Tentative routes are given below, these routes are subjected to change as and when required. The details of bus routes are given below:



City Center Thamel Ganga Hall Baniyatar (Dhaneshor Chowk) Balkumari Pump Pahelo Pul Tokha Road Narayanthan RadheRadhe Chowk
Batulighar (Putalisadak) Chhetrapati Bypass Chowk Gongabu Balkumari Pul Dakshin Dhoka Tokha Road Nayabasti Budhanilkantha Purano Thimi
Putalisadak Kesar Mahal Phulbari Gate Gongabu Townplanning Koteswor Police beat Gokarna Dhapasi (Bhagwati Mandir) Chapali Sano Thimi
Padmodaya Mod Lainchowr Army Barak Kapoordhara Maniroad Kharibot Hanuman Chowk Grand Tower Hattigauda Army Barak
Bhrikuti Mandap Askal Campus Seshmati Golkupakha Tinkune Jagadol Grandi Hosiptal Golfutar Manahara Pul
Sundhara Sorahkhutte(Paknajol) Lamabagar Narayanhitti Uttardhoka Sinamangal Jorpati Jayshree Tol Sudhar Mandikhatar Suryamukhi Chowk
NAC (Newroad gate) Kaldhara Phutung Gyaneshwor Chabahil Ganeshthan Bouddha Greenlane School Bansbari Birendra Chowk
Bir Hospital Newa Petrol Pump Nepaltar   Bhatkekpul Tusal Kharibot Sallaghari Gandhi School
Bhotahity/Ason Bijesowri Pul, Indreni Mandir Subhakamana Chowk Hiraratna Hyatt Gate Basundhara Narayan Gopal Chowk Khahare
Jamal Dallu Pul Loktantrik Chowk Jayabageshwori Rastrapati Bhawan Dhumbarahi Pepsicola
Tindhara Pathshala Kankeshwori Jhulunge Pul Manmaiju Pul Maharajgunj Prahari Talim Kendra Sukedhara Jadibuti
Bagbazar (Putalisadak) Ramghat Pul Naya Buspark Pani Pokhari Chundevi Mandir Jadibuti Petrol Pump
Kamladi Balaju Pul   Sangrila Hotel (Ranibari) Ashirwad School Tinkune
Krishna Pauroti Lazmimpat Bazar Shivapuri School Airport
  Hotel Radisson Teaching Hospital Pashupati
Uttar dhoka Pabitra Workshop Ratopul
Gairiadhar Goma Ganesh Petrol Pump
    Russian Embassy
    Baluwatar Rastra Bank
    Chinese Embassy
Gopi Krishna Hall Ravi Bhawan Bafal Chowk Pulchowk Ghalante Chowk Gaurighat New Buspark Kalimati 1
Saraswati Nagar Santoshi Ma Mandir Kalanki Tahachal Jawalakhel Naya Thimi Kumarigal Samakhushi Teku Bagbazar
Saat Talle Kalanki Baba Petrol Pump Chhauni Manbhawan TB Hospital Tusal Townplanning Awas Chhetra Tripureshow Thamel
Milan Chowk Kalanki Chowk (Naikap) Sitapaila Chakrpath Patan Hospital Gatthaghar Tusal Kharibot Rehdon College Back of BICC Chhetrapati
Akase Dhara Khasi Bazar Syuchatar Chakrapath Prayag Pokhari Kaushaltar Arunima School Kapurdhara Ratna Rajya Dhalko
Janachowk (Ektabasti) Balkhu Chowk Swayambhu Satdobato (Chakrapath) Lokanthali Bouddha Gate Galkopakha Melamchi Old Office Nayabazart
Chandol (Club) Kuleswor Ganesh Mandir Bhagwan Pau Talchikhel (Chakrapath) Jadibuti Chowk Bouddha Pipalboat Venus Hospital Balaju Pul
Chandol IEC College Kuleswor Awas Chhetra Dallu Aawash (Mainroad) Lagankhel Tutepani Tinkune Baral Petrol Pump Gaushala Sorahkhutte
Chandol Mandir Kuleshwor Line Sasastra Prahari Pradhan Karyalaya Ekantkuna (Chakrapath) Kantipur Publication Jorpati Battisputali Lainchowr Bhitra
Chandol Chowk Kalimati Chowk Thulobharyan Chakrapath Dhobighat Shantinagar Gate Chuchhepati Hotel Dwarika Gairidhara Petrol Pump
Bishalnagar (Tempo Park) Sanobharyan Chakrapath Jhamsikhel (Chakrapth) Shantinagar Bhitri Bato Hyatt Hotel Ratopul Baluwatr Bhitra
Bhatkekopul Dhunge Dhara Kopundole Sifal Chabahil 2
Handigaun Chowk Banasthali UN Park Old Baneshwor Mitrapark Kalopul
Bhatbhateni Balaju Sankhamul Kalopul Sifal Chowk Hiraratna
Balaju Pul HAM Hospital     Bhatkekopul
Sorahkhutte Naya Baneswor Bulbule
BICC Hall Paschim Gate Ratopul Pari
Thapagaun Battisputali
Singhadurbar baidyakhana Maitidevi
  Kalikasthan Anamnagar



  1. In the first few days of the new session, school buses might not be able to maintain the schedule provided to you. This is due to unavoidable circumstances. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.

iii.      Students using the school transport service must board the bus allotted to him/her. Under no circumstances can a student change a bus or a bus route. This is to ensure the safety of your child.

  1. You are requested to confirm the bus routes if you want your children to use the school transport facility (New Admission).

v        If your child uses the school bus and does not reach home within one hour after the school gets over, please inform the school office immediately. The school can then take instant action. Normally school buses bring the children back to school if they are held up in traffic jams. Please ask your child not to board another school bus to visit friends and relatives. This could cause a lot of anxiety to you and the school.

  1. Students who use the school bus service must board and alight from the assigned school buses only at the points mentioned on the Bus Pass. Any student flouting the bus rules will be severely penalised.

vii.     Students who violate bus rules will be compelled to discontinue using the school transport service. In such a case their bus fee has to be paid for the whole year.

  1. Head Teachers/Incharges will be available in their respective offices as per the following schedule. You can talk to them directly by dialing the numbers given.
Department Time Tele. Num.
Classes (8-12) 8:30am-9:25am 4442447
Classes 4 & 5 10:55am-11:40am 4442447
Classes (1-3) 11:40am – 12:25pm 4442447
Nursery – Upper KG 12:25pm-1:10pm 4442447
Classes 6 & 7 1:10pm-2:00pm 4442447
Operator 6:00am – 6:00pm 4410076
Information 7:00am-5:00pm 4411362
Administration 9:00am-5:00pm 4438201
Transportation 7:00am-7:00pm 4410076
Account 7:00am-5:00pm 4411362
Hostel 5:00pm-9:00pm 4438201


  1. Parents are requested to contact the Vice-Principal or Principal in case of emergency.

Vice Principal                   Surina Sunayani Gurung

  1. i. The Academic Year for classes Nursery – 10 begins on from 1st week of Baisakh (3rd  week of April) and ends on 3rd week of Chaitra (1st week of April.).
  2. The school office is open on all working days from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The school office is closed on all Saturdays and all public holidays.
  3. Students must go home immediately after their classes get over.
  4. i. The school is very serious about discipline, uniform, dress code, personal hygiene, absenteeism etc. Stern action is taken against students who breach school rules.
  5. The school puts a lot of emphasis on personal cleanliness and on uniform. As such, ties, belts, bags should be washed once a week. Shirts, skirts and trousers must be ironed. Clothes should be clean. Undergarments should be changed every day. Boys of classes Nursery to 6 must wear white vests while girls of these classes must wear chemise and bloomers.

iii.      Both boys and girls of classes 6 – 12 must wear white vests inside. In addition to white vests, girls of these classes must wear appropriate undergarments. All students must wear ties and belts. Shirts should be buttoned, Tie knots should be in the proper place and shoes should be polished. Socks should be grey. They must be clean. Trousers must be worn properly. Students are not allowed to wear trousers below their waists. Hipsters, hiphops, drainpipes are not allowed.

  1. Students must strictly follow the school dress code. Their uniform should be clean and ironed. Shoes should be polished, hair should be trimmed and school bags should be used. Fashionable bags worn across the chest is not allowed. Only girls are allowed to wear simple earrings. Fashionable earrings are not acceptable.
  2. Students should not put their hands inside their pockets or on another student’s shoulders.
  3. Students are strictly forbidden to apply nail polish, wear jewellery, carry video games, indecent literature, electronic gadgets, CDs etc. Students of classes Nursery to 3 need not wear watches to school.

vii.     Students found bullying others or fighting with others will be immediately expelled from school.

viii.    Fine will be imposed on students who do not speak English inside the school premises.

  1. Students who provide wrong information to their parents/guardians regarding matters relating to the school will be severely punished.
  2. Strong action will be taken against students who remain absent from school without a valid reason.
  3. Students promoted on trial must be very serious about their studies. Strong action will be taken against them, if their academic performance does not improve.
  4. Please treat complaint letters very seriously. A letter of complaint is issued only when a student is at fault. The purpose of issuing these letters is corrective. These letters provide information about a student’s drawbacks or conduct. Parents/Guardians are expected to treat them seriously and take appropriate steps to correct the student’s shortcomings and conduct.
  5. Residential students have to follow a fixed routine in school. So, they are allowed to go home only on days fixed by the school. Boarders are allowed to go home as per the following schedule.
  6. Residential students may go home on Saturdays and holidays after 2:00pm. They must report to school on the following day before the classes begin. Parents/Guardians must ensure that they have bath and a haircut during their stay at home and have all the necessary stationery when they report to school.
  7. Hostel students may go home on the days marked on the school calendar.
  8. Students who violate hostel rules will be compelled to discontinue using the school hostel service. In such a case their hostel fees has to be paid for the whole year.
  9. The Vice Principal may be contacted between 9:30 am to 11:00 pm on all working days to discuss matters concerning the academic performance of students. Prior appointment with the concerned person is always advisable.
  10. School timings at a glance
Classes Bell rings


Attendance & Checking Classes begin at Lunch break & Assembly Tiffin


Classes get over at Diary Signings Buses leave at
Nur-UKG 8:30 am 8:30am-8:40am 8:40am 10:40am-11:10am 1:55pm-2:10pm 3:40pm 3:40pm-3:45pm 4:00pm
1 – 3 8:30 am 8:30am-8:40am 8:40am 10:10am-10:40am 1:10pm-1:25pm 3:40pm 3:40pm-3:45pm 4:00pm
4 – 5 8:30 am 8:30am-8:40am 8:40am 11:10am-11:40am 2:40pm-2:55pm 3:40pm 3:40pm-3:45pm 4:00pm
6 – 7 8:30 am 8:30am-8:40am 8:40am 12:25pm-12:55pm 3:40pm 3:40pm-3:45pm 4:00pm
8 – 10 8:30 am 8:30am-8:40am 8:40am 11:40am-12:10pm 3:40pm 3:40pm-3:45pm 4:00pm


  1. School has made special arrangement for students of class Nursery for few weeks in the beginning if their parents/guardians wish to take them home earlier. Please contact the Head Teacher concerned.
  2. The school has various types of tests to evaluate a student. They are as follows:
  3. Performance Tests

In these tests, students are graded on the basis of their performance in various activities which are primarily non-academic in nature such as dramatics, art & craft, elocution, sports, dance, music, etc.

  1. Continuous Assessment Tests

In this kind of evaluation, a student’s performance in different academic activities throughout the year is graded. The performance of students in all class activities, home assignments, tests in subsidiary subjects, oral examinations etc. are taken into account. The aim of this assessment is to make students perform consistently throughout the year.

iii.      Formation Evaluation

In this kind of evaluation, the aim is to assess whether the students have understood their lessons and meet the objectives of the lessons taught to them. Classwork, homework, quiz etc. are taken into account.

  1. Summative Evaluation

In this kind of evaluation, decisions are taken on whether a student meets the requirements to be promoted to the next class. The performance of terminal exams are taken into account.


The hostel catering service serves wholesome nutritious food to residential students. Students can choose vegetarian or non vegetarian food. The food is cooked in hygienic conditions. The school ensures that they get a healthy balanced diet. Fresh and green vegetables like cabbage, brinjal, beans, green gourds, leafy vegetable, cauliflower and yellow pumpkin are provided in their meals.

Days Breakfast Lunch N-5 Tiffin (Day) Tiffin

(6-10 Bdr)

Sunday Fried rice, egg, crf/, b”w÷lrof Rice, dal/  k’nfj, /fhdf, crf/ Bread, Jam,

Milk / Tea / Juice

Bread, Jam,

Milk / Tea / Juice

Rice, d:of}/f / cfn’,  crf/, b”w ;AhL aGbf, sfpnL, s]/fp, ;LdL, e]06f
Monday Bread, jam, egg,  milk/tea Rice, dal, chicken curry,/Paneer ;nfb e’6]sf] lrp/f, cfn’ e’lhof, lrof÷h’; e’6]sf] lrp/f, cfn’ bd, lrof÷h’; Rice, dal, vegetable, curry, crf/, b”w
Tuesday Puri, Aludam  & milk / tea Rice, dal, egg curry/vegetable curry, crf/ a|]8 rk, ;;, lrof a|]8 rk,


Rice, rgf / cfn’, ;fu, ;nfb, b”w ;nfb xl/of] v’;f{gL, Kofh, d”nf, ufh/, sfqmf]
Wednesday Bread, jam, egg, milk/tea Rice, dal, Chicken curry, Paneer,;nfb s’lsh, xln{S;÷lrof Veg. Patties


Rice, s]/fp, cfn’, ;fu, ;nfb, b”w
Thursday Egg fried rice/ Veg fried rice, crf/, b”w÷lrof, hf]uL /fO; (Yellow Rice), af]8L / cfn’, ;nfb lv/ Thukpa / Chowmein


Rice, dal, tofu curry, crf/, b”w ;fu /fof], rD;’/ kfns, km;L{sf] d’G6f




crf/ uf]ne]8f, cfn’, ltn, d”nf

Friday Bread, jam, egg, milk/tea Rice, dal, vegetable curry, crf/ ;df];f, ;;, lrof ;df];f, ;; Rice, u]8fu’8L / cfn’, ;fu, ;nfb, b”w
Saturday Fried rice, crf/, b”w÷lrof Rice, dal, chicken curry, Paneer, ;nfb × Pastries Rice, dal, egg curry, crf/, b”w

Note: The menu given above is tentative. It is subject to change whenever necessary.