Galaxy Public School is an educational community where students and staff of various nationalities and background live, study and work together in a congenial atmosphere.

Galaxy was founded in 1986 by founder Principal, Mrs. Geeta Rana. It is a co-educational institution and caters to the educational needs of boys and girls from Class Nursery to
Class 12.

Galaxy started in 1986 in a tenement house with only nine students and two teachers. Today, however, this humble beginning has faded away in the tide of time and a colossal Galaxy has taken its place with a phenomenal growth. Galaxy is one of the largest schools in the valley with over 3296 students and 400 efficient staff.

The aim is to provide an all round education in which children are prepared to face any crisis in life with moral dignity and to become useful and loyal citizens of the country. This understanding is reflected in the school motto: LOVE and SERVICE. Galaxy seeks to prepare a student, not merely to pass examinations or enter a profession, but also aims at creating a tolerant, balanced, independent individual with the right attitude of mind and spirit and a desire to help others. Its special characteristic is the wide range of activities that it provides with the idea of developing a full personality and to bring out the talents of the students for their own benefit and that of society as a whole. At Galaxy, every student has the opportunity to participate in all kinds of activities. That’s not something every school can provide.

Galaxy Public School is dedicated today, as it was in 1986, to the principle that the future of humanity rests in the hands, hearts and minds of those who will accept responsibility for themselves and others in an increasingly diverse society. This principle of individual and social responsibility is realized in the context of a distinctive comprehensive experience which nurtures in our students the emergence and development of skill, perspectives and ethics necessary to better themselves and society.

We seek to involve our students in an active academic community which cherishes diversity of thought and expression. In doing so, we will help our students discover ways they can most effectively contribute to the common good with love and service. The school does not subscribe to any political ideology and discourages its students and members of the staff from indulging in political activities inside the school premises.

The school discharges its social obligations by imparting value-based education in tune with Nepalese culture and traditions. Though the school does not propagate any particular religion, it encourages students to respect all positive religions and to imbibe the best from all religions.

The school believes that proper education can only be imparted to children only when the School, the Home and the Society work in tandem in a spirit of mutual respect. Any misgivings about the integrity of any of these three agencies could seriously damage the delicate relationship between three agencies of education.