Alumni Association

The Alumni Association was formed to keep links with the past alive and it ensures that those who leave school keep in touch with one another and with the school. The association meets once a year.

The idea is to exchange ideas and to know the progress of the students who have passed out of the school.

The executive committee consists of parents, teachers and former students of the school. The association participates in inter-club competitions held at the national level. The association is also involved in social welfare activities.
DOT (Discipline, Obedient & Team Work)

DOT Club of Galaxy Public School, was established in mid 2005.

This club was started with the purpose of promoting service activities among the students of the school so that they will develop individual qualities. The club plans its projects and implements them within its own members and its community. The funds for financing such projects are raised by the club itself. The members serve for a term for one year or until their successors have been selected. A board of directors consisting of all officers of the club control and supervise the affairs of this club.

Galaxy Former Students' Association (GFSA)

The ex-students of the school are able to maintain contact with their friends and classmates after passing out from the school through Galaxy Former Students' Association. This Forum is an important segment of the school. It facilitates students to interact with issues in a mature perspective and exchange creative and positive ideas. This forum enables the school to keep track of the ex-students and know about their well being, their aspirations and achievements. Many of our students have scaled great heights in their chosen fields of education and occupation.