Co-Curricular Activities

Activities which are apart and outside the existing curriculum were formerly known as extra curricular activities. But items which are related with the development of children and parts of school activities should be called co-curricular activities. Education is no longer treated as something stored in the text-books; text books can only provide some information, but its role for imparting total education is limited. Children today need knowledge, skill and personality. These three requisites are supposed to be provided by the school. A responsible citizen should possess certain basic qualities of personality such as self control, sympathy, fellow feeling, honesty etc. Co-curricular activities are, therefore, a series of activities related with the school programme, which help to bring out all round development of the students, apart from the subjects for examination schedule.

The students of the School take part in various co-curricular activities. Singing, dance and dramatics are just a few of them. What is remarkable about singing and dance is that students themselves write the lyrics of the songs, set them to music, compose the whole song and choreograph the dance. They act in classical plays known for their merit in world literature. The make-up and the stage decoration is done by the students where teacher’s contribution is minimal.

Galaxy Public School provides the following Co-curricular Activities

  • Literary Activities
  • Cultural Activities
  • Sports & Games
  • Excursions & Plantation
  • Creative & Productive Arts
  • Training for Leadership
  • Publication
  • Exhibitions & Demonstration
  • National & International Participation
  • School Functions

Literary Activities

Provide training in the art of communicating one’s ideas to others. Literary expression is either oral or written. By participating in debates, students get an opportunity to express themselves orally. Debates help students to express themselves in a logical way. Public speaking and debating are two main forms of oral expression. The school magazine, the wall magazine or an essay competition provide the means for the other form of literary expression, namely, the written.

Students are encouraged to participate in inter-house and inter-school competitions. Essay-writing, Poem-writing, Spelling contests, Public Speaking, Recitation/Elocution, Debates and Quiz competitions are held every year.

In a short span of 18 years, Galaxy has won innumerable trophies in various inter school activities. It has won the ‘Aishwarya Shield’ at the GAA Spelling Contest, four times in a row. These activities have brought the school under full glare of fame. Galaxy has touched the zenith of perfection in co-curricular activities.

The aim of these activities is to provide complete education to the students.

Cultural Activities

Music (vocal and instrumental), Dance (classical and folk), and Dramatics are some of the activities that the school offers. The music room has an enviable array of musical instruments. The Music Department equipped with various musical instruments helps to discover the talent for music among the students, and endeavours to hone and refine these faculties. The school boasts of an orchestra which performs at all major school functions. The Parents’ Day show gives the children an opportunity to display their talents and helps them gain confidence by performing on the stage.

The Children have often won laurels for the school by winning trophies in inter-school competitions and National awards at various inter-district dance and music competitions.

The Dance Department has played a key role in developing the instinct for dancing so innate in most children. It has produced many performances which have won laurels for the school.

From 1999, the school troupe striving to preserve ethnic culture of Nepal, visited 14 zones of Nepal in order to learn the various dance forms whose existence is threatened by cultural invasion. It aims at preserving decadent dance forms and folk music which are characteristic of the different zones of Nepal.

Sports and Games

In the whole range of co-curricular activities, games, sports and athletics enjoy the largest measure of popularity. They have a wholesome effect on the physical, mental, social and moral development of an individual. The playground is said to be the cradle of democracy. Here the students learn to co-operate with others, respecting the rights of others. They cultivate the ‘play spirit’ called the sportsman spirit.

Excursion and Plantations

Excursion forms an integral part of education. It is a very popular type of co-curricular activity. It is based on the principle that ‘seeing is the best method of learning’. Excursions are a regular feature of Galaxy Public School. They make learning meaningful.

Every year school students visit many places which have cultural, historical, geographical and educational importance. During an academic year, students are taken to at least three places of interest in and around Kathmandu. These are organized for all classes.

In order to enthuse students with the cultural glory of the country, the school organizes various programs. However these programs are not confined to Nepal only. Students of higher classes are taken on outstation trips to neighbouring countries. This fosters cultural confluence between two countries and develops a sense of brotherhood.

The children are taught practical skills by innovative methods like planting of seeds. Even children of the Nursery class plant seeds given to them by their teachers. They observe the growth of a plant from its seed.

Creative Arts and Productive Arts

Students are taught paperwork, drawing, colouring, painting and claywork under creative arts. These activities hone their creative skills. They are able to use their innovative ideas to create wonderful works of art. The seeds of research are sown in these classes.

Needle work, knitting, colouring, recycling and craft are taught to the students under productive arts. These activities help the students to produce useful and innovative items in future. Children are also encouraged to make models, posters and charts for display in the class rooms and the school exhibition.

Students are taught to take care of the environment. They are involved in the recycling of paper in the recycling plant installed in the school. Besides recycling paper, the students are encouraged to make the best use of things which are normally thrown away.

Training for Leadership

The prefectorial body of the school cabinet headed by the Head Girl and the Head Boy, assist the school administration by bridging the gap between the students and teachers.

Students are expected and trained to shoulder responsibilities through various offices and activities. This helps the students to develop self-confidence and leadership qualities.

There are several clubs in the school. Each club has a seven-member executive committee to look after the activities of the club. The students are made to handle their own affairs. These clubs organize inter-house activities and help the students of the school prepare for inter-school competition.

Galaxy Public School provides the following activities to promote leadership quality in the students:

  • The Assembly
  • Club Activities
  • The Alumni Association
  • DOT


This is unique in character and the prayer and mass singing direct the thoughts of the students towards moral and spiritual values, thus beginning the day for pupils and teachers alike, on a sublime note. The highlights of the news, read by a student each morning, keep the rest of the students in touch with the latest happenings. Special items presented by students at the assembly help to develop confidence among students. The school assembly is held once every working day. It is the students who conduct the assembly. Classes take turns to conduct it. Besides the students, the class teachers concerned, the principal and the concerned head teacher address the audience. Greetings are exchanged and important information is conveyed during the assembly.


In order to provide balanced education, with equal emphasis on academic, mental, physical and cultural growth, the school provides a wide range of clubs. The students of the school run different clubs under the umbrella organization, Galaxian Club which is registered with the HMG. Each Club has a specific function and is headed by an Executive Committee consisting of students. The students handle all the activities of the Clubs. This hones their ability to shoulder responsibilities and to organize their activities.

A few of them are mentioned :


Students of the school have formed an ‘Eco Club’ which is affiliated to World Wildlife Fund, Switzerland and Green Camp, Nepal. Members of the club try to create an awareness of the environment among the people by taking up various projects in the city, at the zoo and other places.Since its formation two years ago the club has won almost all the prizes at competitions organised by different organizations.

The Eco-club has more than 200 members from classes 4-12. The students work in keeping the environment clean & healthy. They work hard towards spreading awareness among people about the importance of a clean, green and healthy environment. The members of the club are also the members of “The Friends Of The Zoo” (FOZ). They participate in many seminars, exhibitions, rallies as well as expeditions. They also help to save the endangered animals.

The members of the club actively participate in various programs in order to prevent environmental degradation. In order to inculcate a sense of awareness among the students, the school promotes various environment friendly programs on recycling and on the use of bio-degradable packets. In this context, the school has organized many commendable nationwide programs on sanitation and cleanliness.

Social Service Club:

The school feels that it is its moral duty to instil in the students, feelings of compassion for the underpriveleged, also a desire to help others in whatever way they can. The social service club organizes activities like distribution of old clothes, cleanliness drives, blood donation camps, awareness compaigns, etc. and encourages the students to participate in these activities.

The Social Service Club is one of the clubs whose contribution to society and the school is immense. It conducts several social welfare programs. If raises money for social causes like providing financial assistance to needy students, teachers and staff. Galaxy Public School provides social training to the adolescents. Through social activities, pupils learn valuable lessons in co-operation and develop the habit of working in groups. A student can identify himself/herself with the group of his/her own choice. She/He is no longer an individual but a member of the group. By working for the group, the individual receives social training.

Galaxian Computer Club:

The Galaxian Computer Club which was formed on November 12, 2000 conducts special training classes for its members, It encourages its members to take part in various competitions. The club caters to the needs of those students who are really interested in broadening their knowledge in IT. The club has developed two different software packages viz “Ko Banne Crorepati” and “GccPaint” which can be downloaded from the club’s home page, The club boasts of enrolling good number of members within a short span of time. The students of this club represented Nepal in the SEARCC Int’l Competition held in Singapore on December 1999.

Creative Arts & Productive Arts Club:

The club teaches girls to manage their homes more efficiently when they grow up. Besides housekeeping, the members of the club receive training in cookery, needlework and first aid. This club holds exhibitions on arts, crafts and home science. It designs several kinds of posters. It is solely responsible for stage decoration during school functions.

Literary Club:

This club conducts spelling contests, debates, one-act plays etc. It also plays an active role in preparing the school magazine and the wall magazines displayed in different parts of the school.

Sports Club:

The sports club organises inter-house and inter-school sports meets. It is involved in different sports disciplines such as football, cricket, table tennis, badminton etc. It also selects students for inter school tournaments.

Culture Club:

This club is concerned with music and dance. It organises competitions in vocal and instrumental music as well as in modern and classical dance forms. The club has its own band and a choir. The band plays the national anthem and march -past tunes during the school assembly.

Science Club:

This club organises exhibitions, talk programmes, quiz contests and seminars.

School Functions

The school holds functions on special occasions. The Annual Sports Day and the Award Distribution Day are celebrated with great interest. Besides these, there are a number of cultural shows in an academic session.

Certain national and religious festivals are also celebrated. They are Buddha Jayanti, Bal Diwas, Dashain, Tihar, Teachers’ Day, Shree Panchami (Saraswati Puja), Maha Shivaratri, Christmas and Martyrs’ Day.