Jewels in the Crown

There are many students of the school who have excelled in their chosen fields. Here are some of them.

Mahesh Basista is a poet. He has published his collection of poems in 2059 B. S. Miss Pallavi Koirala has also published her collection of poems in the same year.

Miss Sanskriti Shrestha is a tabla player. She has won many awards. Recently she won the Bir Ganesh Man Singh Children’s Award. She was honoured by the title “Child of the Year 2059”.

Sheetal Moktan is a vocalist. She can also play musical instruments. She won the Ganesh Man Singh Award in 2001. Mona Dahal is a brilliant student. She secured the seventh place in the SLC exams held in 2002. She was awarded the Ratna Padak (Bronze) for her brilliant performance in the SLC Exams.

Kanisk Chaugain is an excellent cricket player. He was a member of the U19 national side. Bunty Bataju also is an excellent cricket player. He was also a member of the U19 national side.

Juwal Kumar Khuswa is a budding essayist. His essay on HIV/AIDS won a national award. His essay was the best among 32,218 entries. The college level essay competition was organized by the Ministry of Health HMG, Nepal.

Biraj Dhungana is a child prodigy. He is already a renowned research scholar. His paper on International Semi Guided Automatic Ultra Warheads was published in 2002. He has designed a missile. The design is on display in RONAST and has received international acclaim. The school spotted his talent before he rose to prominence.

Monu Rauniar's poem got him a prize in the Inter-College Poem Competition. Subhani Moktan is not only a good student, she also excels in other activities. Her music album "Pahilo Maya" has been released in the market. It is receiving rave reviews.

One of the stars in our galaxy is our Crown Princess herself. She joined the +2 wing on the school in 1994 and appeared for the Higher Secondary Exams in 1996. She made her mark in the school as a very elegant young woman with impeccable manners and an extremely endearing personality. She truly represents the modern woman known for her beauty as well as her brains. We are all proud of her.

There are many more who have done us proud and have won laurels for the school and the country.