Our Ambassadors

From 1995, the students of our school have been taking part in the Little Lady beauty pageant organized by Kathmandu Jaycees. The results have been overwhelming. Miss Prativa Rawal, Miss Subhani Moktan and Miss Khusboo Oli won the coveted title in 1995, 1999 and 2000 respectively. In 1996, Miss Dhriti Bhatta was the second runner-up. In 1998, Miss Pratistha Moktan won the Miss Best Hair title while Miss Sheetal Moktan got the Miss Talent Title. The beauty Pageant is open to children below 10 years and is keenly contested by students from all over the country. Aakriti Sharma was the second runner up in the beauty pageant called Safi Naturally Youth Contest 2002.

On three occasion, our students have been chosen by HMG to represent Nepal as ambassadors of the country. This year, two students won awards in beauty pageants. Miss Dikshya Singh of class ten became the first runner up in Miss Teen contest. Miss Prativa Upadhaya of class 6 has become the winner in Miss Junior Pageant.

Students of the school have presence of mind. They are confident and can express themselves in fluent English. This clearly shows proper grooming by the school.